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Craigslist dating sites are one of the most reputable and authentic dating sites you can trust for the best sexual encounter you seek for. Other platforms may feature many other dating websites, however, you can trust the dating sites you would find here are authentic and action packed. Friendfiinder.com is just amazing in its ways, and you can be sure of getting whatever you need; either you want to find a friend or just to enjoy a fling.


If you are seeking an adult dating website with a more contemporary dating scene, friendfinder.com is the one for you. It is a very suitable site for those seeking fun and flirty time, and not their one true love.

This simple site is quite easy to navigate, and can be dubbed as user-friendly. It is an ad-free website; which means that you do not have to go through the trouble of cancelling ads that pop up on your screen.

Just sign up and start interacting with the other members and have a great time. Just make sure to go through the profiles of the members because there are numerous members that suit you exact needs and are still searching for you or waiting to be found.


The sign up process of friendfinder.com is compared to none. All you need is about five minutes to do the normal filling of data and composing something about yourself to attract other members of the site.

Your identity on the site is key to attracting other members and whatever you fill during the registration process is important. But after your sign up you can fill a considered profile complete form, with a wide range of questions about yourself answered.

These questions range from your general outlook on life, interests and experiences. These questions are set up in order to enhance finding the best match for you. However, you can upload videos and photos, or write a blog post to increase your chances of attracting another member to view your profile.


The basic use of this site is free. You can access a whole lot of cool stuffs by just signing in. On the other hand, if you want access to more unique features then the paid membership plans is what you need.

These plans include the silver plan and the gold plan, where each plan come with its list of special benefits. The silver plan offers you the ability to carry out advanced searches, unlike the normal search system for free members. You are also allowed the freedom to contact all members, and you are given a higher priority listing over others.

The gold plan, on the other hand, offers photo and profile priority moderation. This means that you get quicker updates, emails about new matches, and a more sophisticated search than the silver plan. With the gold plan you are given topmost priority and are placed on the top of all listings and searches.


The key features of this site include the ability to search for members without having to sign up, connection through Facebook as your medium of interaction with other members, using your Facebook photos as your profile picture, adding your Bing profile, and a lot more other features that would leave you in awe.

Pros and Cons

One of the most amazing features of the friendfinder site is that you are allowed to search for members’ profiles even without signing up. Although this feature seems a little bit farfetched, and considering that the site is full of fake profiles. But once you are able to a land a real person, you are good to go.

The site’s magazine offers you tips, poll, articles and lots more in order to enhance your interaction with other members. However, you would need a paid membership in order to interact with other members.

Promotional offers are brought to you so you can enjoy the most of your membership plan, although the membership system are tiered and the lower plans are full of limitations.

Safety and Security

The safety on friendfinder.com begins at the sign up point, where you sign up with a username only. This is so that your personal information is not shared with other members of the site.

One other security measure is the onsite messaging feature that allows you communicate one on one with other members of the site. It is high recommended, however, that you get familiar with online dating safety tips also.

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